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Employment Law & aviation attorney in Westlake Village, Ca

In an age of narrow specialization, a broadly knowledgeable attorney is hard to find. Attorney Mark Sullivan has sterling academic credentials and decades of litigation and appellate experience which can take some of the weight off your shoulders determining when to fight and when to settle and doing so at rates acceptable to individuals and small employers. Attorney Mark Sullivan is proud to serve clients in Westlake Village, California, and its surrounding areas. With litigation experience and current licenses in California, New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Hawaii, federal courts and even military courts-martial, he is uniquely qualified to advise persons with multi-state employment issues.

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Mark F. Sullivan

Mark F. Sullivan

Attorney at Law

Mark Sullivan's long career as an attorney has taken him across the country, allowed him to help countless clients, and given him the opportunity to expand his work in aviation, which is one of his true passions. He earned his B.A. with highest honors from Georgetown University—where he was first in his class—and his J.D. from the highly regarded University of Michigan Law School. Attorney Sullivan served over thirty years in the U.S. Naval Reserve Judge Advocate General's Corps, retiring as a Captain after serving as the senior judge advocate for the Southwestern U.S. and Hawaii. As a judge advocate, he handled major litigation claims against the Navy, particularly those involving Naval Aviation. He spent 23 years as the lead litigation and employment law counsel for various subsidiaries of GTE Corporation, now known as Verizon, particularly the telephone operating company in California. Mark is committed to helping his community and provides legal counsel on a pro bono basis to individuals and non-profits in need.


Representation that Seeks to Satisfy Your Needs and Wants

Solutions-Oriented Litigation

Mark Sullivan aims to resolve every client's case as quickly and effectively as possible. He is often able to accomplish this without ever stepping foot in a courtroom. If your case does need to go to trial, Attorney Sullivan will represent you with confidence. No matter what may come his way, Mark Sullivan is up for the challenge. He seeks the best possible results for the issues entrusted to him, particularly in areas involving medical staff disputes, union versus management disputes, collective bargaining issues, employment law, wage and hour law and aviation law issues. Attorney Sullivan is an AOPA Panel Counsel and welcomes clients with FAA license enforcement issues and disputes with airport authorities, such as those involving hangar leases and environmental and noise concerns.

Collaborative Consulting

As an attorney with over four decades of professional experience, Mark Sullivan is an excellent resource when it comes to trusted advice and guidance. From executive and professional severance agreement counsel to answering your questions about retirement contracts and packages, Attorney Sullivan is ready and willing to serve as your consultant for high-stakes decisions involving your most important asset, your employment and career.

Pure Passion Sets Attorney Sullivan Apart

A strong educational background and practical experience can come together to create a good attorney. What makes a great attorney, however, is passion. Attorney Sullivan has passion in spades. His career spans nearly 50 years. From the U.S. Navy Reserve Judge Advocate General's Corps to GTE Corporation to law firm practice, his experiences are as varied as they are valuable. Attorney Sullivan is dedicated to the law and is passionate about helping others reach fair and just resolutions of their issues.

If you have been wrongfully terminated, mistreated at work, or if you simply need guidance on a legal issue involving your employer, Attorney Sullivan can help. As an employment law attorney in Westlake Village, California, he knows how to navigate the complex and confusing world of employment laws and regulations.

Mark Sullivan also has extensive experience with aviation law and aviation accidents. Not only is he legally skilled in this niche area of law, but he also considers it his avocation. As an aviation attorney, Mark Sullivan brings both skill and a love of the craft to the table.

Attorney Sullivan wants to help you pursue your passions by ensuring that you receive sound advice on how to deal with severance arrangements and retirement. His guidance can help executives and professionals make smart financial choices that are sustainable and suitable for their lifestyles. If you are located in Westlake Village, California, or in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, Camarillo or Ventura County, schedule a consultation with Mark Sullivan today.