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The relationship between unions and employers is often difficult and strained. The Law Office of Mark F. Sullivan has extensive experience dealing with private- and public-sector unions. Attorney Sullivan is a skilled labor law lawyer representing employees dissatisfied with a union's handling of grievances and other issues in Westlake Village, CA.

He also represents small employers who are concerned with union bargaining or organizing tactics. If you need help with a labor law issue, the Law Office of Mark F. Sullivan in Westlake Village, CA can help.

Understand your rights as a worker in California

Understand your rights as a worker in California

While some states have "right to work laws" in place to protect workers who do not wish to join unions, California has consistently denied such laws from passing. If you have questions about union membership, it's important to speak with a local labor law lawyer to fully understand your rights.

Whether you're an employee threatened for showing interest in a union or an employer facing unfair union practices, attorney Sullivan can be trusted to settle any labor law dispute. Speak with him today for experienced counsel in Westlake Village, CA.