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Retain an experienced aviation lawyer in Westlake Village, CA

Buying, owning and maintaining even a vintage general aviation aircraft involves sales and use taxes, risk exposures and a spectrum of unique legal issues ranging from warranty claims to hangar leases and purchases. Additionally, if you receive the dreaded “Please call the tower” message there is the risk of a Federal Aviation Administration enforcement action. Attorney Sullivan is an AOPA Panel Counsel who can advise you on aviation law in Westlake Village, CA, at the highly discounted AOPA member rate.

You've invested considerable time and money into getting your pilot's license. Don't risk losing it to the FAA. Attorney Sullivan can help with aviation law issues in Westlake Village, CA.

Aviation Law Explained

Why trust the Law Office of Mark F. Sullivan with an aviation legal issue?

Mark Sullivan and his son in a high-performance airplaneWhy trust the Law Office of Mark F. Sullivan with an aviation legal issue?

When the FAA brings an enforcement action, it helps to have representation from an aviation lawyer who understands FAA procedures. Choose Attorney Sullivan as your aviation lawyer because:

  • He is a 45+ year experienced pilot and active aircraft owner.

  • He is active in the Experimental Aircraft Association serving as a local chapter officer.

  • He is a panel attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

  • He has over 45 years of legal experience.

  • He is actively involved in research and development of avionics to serve the vintage general aviation fleet

Don't settle for a lawyer with only a limited grasp of what it means to be a pilot and aircraft owner. Hire Attorney Sullivan today for representation with aviation law in Westlake Village, CA.